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Bringing Lighting Designers closer to their online performers.

WebLD brings the control, color, and variety of professional theatrical lighting into live virtual performance. Using existing in-home internet, WebLD allows the lighting designer to broadcast control to as many as 20 separate WebLD base stations. Each WebLD base station comes with three RGB SatLED fixtures and one 2.5m strip of RGB SatTAPE to be configured in any way imagined for up to 80 individually controlled color-changing fixtures. Send receiver sets to 20 actors across the world or use multiple receivers in fewer locations and control the entire visual from one central hub.
WebLD allows the lighting designer to write cues and create visual worlds to help unite separate, floating boxes on a computer screen into an immersive audience experience. Using ETCNomad, MAonPC, QLab4, or any ArtNET control system, you can set looks, record cues, and run a show just like in a theatre setting.

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